Still dropping bombs

Meet the A365 NUKE.

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Engineered for every thrower.


Introducing BullSteel, our specially crafted stainless steel. We've developed this unique steel using high carbon content and a heat treatment for a hardness rating of 48 HRC. With remarkable corrosion resistance, formidable strength, and unrivaled blade longevity, BullSteel sets a new standard in steel craftsmanship. We finished it off with a beautiful stonewash finish. The steel is designed without all of the unneeded branding.

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You can't bee too light, or too strong.

Full Carbon Fiber Handle

Crafted from a solid piece of 22mm aerospace grade unidirectional carbon fiber, our handle boasts extraordinary strength. Its mounting process requires a powerful hydraulic press exerting 12 tons of force to secure it seamlessly to the head. This handle will endure a lifetime of use while effortlessly maintaining its stylish allure.

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State of the art, meets state of the art.

Engineering masterpiece

The A365 design underwent numerous iterations and several months of intensive testing. We enlisted the expertise of three mechanical engineers. Employing CNC machining technology, both the head and the handle are flawlessly crafted, ensuring unparalleled precision for every axe that rolls out of our factory.

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The Details

Final Approximate Specifications:

Weight: 2 Pounds
Length: 7.16” (181.84mm)
Height: 4.59” (116.55mm)
Material: BullSteel Stainless Steel
Heat Treatment: 48 HRC

Length: 25” Inches (635mm)
Width: .85” (33mm)
Weight: 1 Pound 4 Ounces

Complete Axe

25” Length
Weight: 3 Pounds 4.5 Ounces

23” Length
Weight: 3 Pounds 1 ounce

How to cut the carbon handle